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06 79 35 21 73
La Minouterie a changé d'adresse. Retrouvez-nous maintenant  9 rue Héroard, 91640 Vaugrigneuse


La Minouterie, An Exclusive Luxury Hotel for Cats

La Minouterie is a luxury hotel exclusively for cats, serving cat-owners in Paris and the Île-de-France region, surrounded by forestand perched on a hill in a quiet neighborhood.

Whether you are going on vacation for a month or a week-end, or are relocated due to work, or need your pet cared for, you can be confident that La Minouterie will take care of your cat’s comfort, well-being and need for affection.

Not only is owner Martine Guerry a passionate lover of cats, her sister, a certified Veterinary assistant, is also on-site to meet any emergencies without delay.

You can rest assured that your cat is in good hands.

You are invited to come visit La Minouterie hotel for cats. 

Give us a call to arrange a time.Don’t miss the photo gallery and video tour on our site.

Reserve a room

To reserve, please fill out the form and don’t hesitate to call if you have questions if you need help filling it out. We speak French and English.

Amenities and Services

Each large room (floor to ceiling) has its own aquarium.

During the day, cats are allowed to enjoy the entire hotel, including the large cat-trees in front of the floor-to-ceiling windows that look out on luminous bird-filled woods.

There are many toys and the staff plays with or gives time to each cat daily.
The cat hotel is protected with a double-door entry system to ensure no chance of a cat being lost.

Royal Canine Sensible 33 cat food is provided.

La Minouterie hotel for cats includes:

  • Daily washing of water and food bowls (dishwasher on site).
  • The cushions, rugs and other linens are washed before each new cat enters (washer and dryer on site).
  • Nature Gold eco-friendly and ultra-absorbent litter is used (WWF endorsed)
  • La Minouterie hotel for cats is heated in winter to maintain a constant 20°
  • We can pick up and deliver your cat in the Paris region if needed


  • Cats must be vaccinated (vet documents with last vaccination date).
  • In France this document is called the “Carnet de vaccination”.
  • Rabies vaccine is desirable but not required. Cats must have an identifying tattoo or chip.
  • Only castrated males are accepted if they are over six months old.Females need to be sterilized or on the pill to suspend being in heat while at La Minouterie.
  • An anti-parasite treatment (flea and tick) must be given to your cat 15 days before they arrive.
  • Please bring the receipt.If a cat develops a disease while staying, the cost of the treatment will be paid by the owner.
  • If anything serious happens, your cat will be cared for in the manner you specify in the contract.
  • If your cat needs prescription drugs you will need to provide an adequate supply for their stay.
  • During high season, it is not possible to host cats with special dietary needs as the other cats will eat it.

In the off-season, if the owner provides the alternate food, we are able to give it to them in their room.

There is no extra charge.
The cattery is cleaned daily and disinfected twice a year.
We cannot be responsible for skin problems that may arise after your cat has been with us.

Certain conditions can be aggravated by stress but are inherent in the cat’s makeup and La Minouterie is not responsible for them.

We reserve the right to refuse a cat if it is unable to use the litter box or if it is aggressive or dangerous, in which case the deposit will not be refunded.

If a cat dies while at La Minouterie, please indicate on the reservation form wether you want an autopsy or not to determine the cause of the death.La Minouterie does not offer grooming and is not a grooming salon.

If your cat is long-haired and cooperative, we will do our best to provide for their needs.Any cat that is not picked up 7 days after the specified end date, without notice from the owner, will be considered abandoned and we are required to report this and a penalty will be levied against the owner.

If you would like to extend the stay, we need 48 hours’ notice minimum but cannot guarantee a place will be available.

The €6 per day deposit cannot be refunded if the reservation is cancelled less than three weeks in advance.

If the reservation is cancelled in full more than 3 weeks in advance, you will be refunded but a €30 handling fee will be kept.We are open all year from Monday to Friday 2-7 by appointment.

Closed weekends and holidays (no visits or pick-ups drop-offs).The signature of the reservation contract indicates your acceptance of all the conditions indicated.


  • The price includes food and litter and required medication or light brushing.
  • Reservations are only guaranteed upon the receipt of the deposit.
  • The day of arrival and departure are counted as full days. RESERVE NOW
  • Any veterinary costs will need to be reimbursed when picking up your cat.
  • Days beyond the reservation will be added to the bill.
  • We can’t keep the cat carriers unless you have no other recourse, in which case there is a €1 daily charge in off-season and €2 in high season.